Tanaka Chainsaw TCS 3401 User Manual

Owner’s Manual  
Model Numbers:  
P/N 29356  
Date 04-20-01  
Supplier To The Outdoor Power Equipment Industry  
ISM, Inc. • 1028 4th Street SW • Auburn, WA 98001 • Phone: (253) 333-1200 • Fax: (253) 333-1212  
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Owner’s Manual  
Before using this unit:  
Read the operator’s manual carefully.  
Check that the cutting equipment is correctly assembled  
and adjusted.  
Start the unit and check the carburetor adjustment.  
See “Maintenance”.  
The engine exhaust from this product  
contains chemicals known to the State  
of California to cause cancer, birth  
defects and other reproductive harm.  
Always wear eye, head and ear  
protectors when using this unit.  
Read, understand and follow all  
warnings and instructions in this  
manual and on the unit.  
It is important that you read, fully understand and  
observe the following safety precautions and  
warnings. Careless or improper use of the unit  
may cause serious or fatal injury.  
Warning, kickback danger. Be careful One-handed usage not permitted. The saw is specially designed for tree  
sudden and accidental upward and/or While cutting, hold saw firmly with service and therefore shall be used by  
backward motion of the guide bar.  
both hands with thumb firmly locked trained operators only, in off-ground  
around front handle. work in trees.  
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